The world in which we live in is corrupt and dirty.Almost all the segments of society are corrupt. Even some good things like school system, marriage, dressing, music, religion, business are corrupt. And things are not going to get better but it will get worse according the scripture (2 Timothy 3: 1-5; 13). So as children of God we can make a difference by taking an uncompromising stand for the truth and righteousness. Like Enoch, Noah, Daniel and his friends, Joseph, Josiah, Deborah, Ruth, and Isaiah stood for the truth and righteousness and the Lord stood with them. We today can stand for the truth no matter how corrupt the society may be.

EXHORTATION to live uncompromising life
The Lord is calling and encouraging every true child of God to an uncompromising life. Temptation will come to you to compromise but you learn how to say no and keep on saying no to evil. Joseph said no to sin and compromise and he kept on saying no and the Lord was with him. Daniel and his friend said no to compromise and they kept on saying no that is why they overcame. If we are going to overcome and retain the presence of the Lord with us we must learn how to say no to evil and keep on saying no to evil and the Lord will be with us. The problem today with many “children of God” is that they want to please the world and therefore they follow the multitudes in their evil.
(Pro.1:10; Phil.2:14-16; 2Timothy3:12-14; Exodus23:2; Pro.14:7; Pro.23:20-21, 23; 2Thess.3:6; 1Timothy.6:3-5; 2 Cor.6:14-18)

EXAMPLES of uncompromising Christians
Enoch, Noah, Daniel and his friends, Joseph, Josiah and many other children of God in the bible were examples to us as they were uncompromising in their days despite opposition and persecutions. They stood for the Lord and for the truth and the Lord stood with them. When we stand for God uncompromisingly in a corrupt society, He too will stand for us. My prayer is that the Lord will give you and me the grace and the strength to stand for Him, you will stand.
(Gen.5:22-24; 7:1; 39:7-12; Daniel.1:8; 3:13-18; 6:1-10; Jer.35:5-6; 2 Chro.34:1-3)


1. They do not conform to the things of this world—their #1 goal is to be like Jesus.
2. They love the lord their god with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength
3. They are separating themselves from all ungodliness and the things of this world.
4. They are walking down the narrow road of god's holiness—they are god's holy remnant.
5. They do not watch worldly (lustful, evil): TV & movies, internet pornography, computer games.
6. They do not look upon worldly magazines & books from celebrity magazines to pornography.
7. They do not compromise with the world by listening to worldly music- true worshippers
8. They do not look up to worldly idols such as: singers, movie stars, sports figures...
9. They do not partner up with unbelievers and those who compromise their walk with Jesus
10. They pursue pure and godly friendships that inspire them to be more like Jesus
11. They display Christ-likeness in their thought-life & attitudes - a Beatitude Attitude
12. They are humble and have child-like faith
13. They refuse lukewarmness—having "one foot in god's word, and one foot in the world"
14. They seek to please the Lord through good deeds & having a servant's heart
15. They know that financial gain does not mean godliness
16. They seek first God’s kingdom, not worldly wealth & possessions
17. They’d rather suffer & be poor & not compromise with the world than be rich & famous.
18. They are generous & are givers whether they are poor or have much
19. They are surrendering all to follow Jesus—they are “taking up their cross daily”
20. They’ve stopped practicing sin- and when They do sin there is deep sorrow
21. They speak out & warn people of God's coming judgments, and preach the gospel
22. They suffer persecution and beatings for standing up for Jesus
23. They love and do good to fellow Christians
24. They obey God's commandments, his word, and the lord Jesus Christ
25. They are doers of the word, not merely hearers— faith without works is dead
26. They fear the Lord and turn away from evil
27. They do not seek the approval of man, but seek only to please the Lord
28. They are not hypocrites- -giving God mere lip service
29. Their words & speech are encouraging, edifying, and wise—not corrupt
30. They pray fervent prayers, and pray often with fellow believers
31. They study and teach God's word and his ways to sinners and believers-making disciples
32. They are winning their battle against sin & keeping the full armour of God on!
33. They are ready, waiting, and eagerly anticipating the soon return of Jesus Christ
34. They love God's commandments and his word, reading it daily and memorizing it
35. They make use of every opportunity to do good & preach the gospel - They're "fire snatchers"
36. They produce much fruit for Jesus
37. Theyare co-heirs with Christ and share the sufferings of Jesus by "crucifying their flesh"
38. Theyunderstand God's eternal purposes for his holy people vs. this temporal evil world
39. Theyknow They are merely passing through this world, and their real home is with the Lord
40. They do everything for the glory of God
41. Theydo not believe false teachings & anything that is contrary to God's Word
42. Theyclearly understand the gospel & clearly preach God's word with boldness
43. They let their light shine- their face & life exudes Christ
44. Theyput no confidence in their flesh - They are decreasing and Christ is increasing.
45. They have integrity, hard work and pursue righteousness-They do not lie, steal, cheat
46. They are always very thankful to god for his- kindness, provisions, protection, etc.
47. They are not full of: selfish ambition, strife, quarrelling, and jealousy— but are peacemakers.
48. Theyacknowledge & obey god's will for their lives.
49. Theyare not prejudice- they show no partiality to the: rich, poor, skin colour, race,etc.
50. They do not allow the cares & worries of this life to dominate their mind & conversations.

EXTRAORDINATRY power for the uncompromising Christian.
The Lord gives exceptional power to the Christian who stands uncompromisingly for Him. We can see that from the lives of Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed Nego. He gives them (1) power for PROGRESS. (2) The power for PROMINENCE. (3) The power in PRAYER. (4) The power of His PRESENCE. (5) The power of PRESERVATION. (6) The power of PROMOTION. (7) The power His PARTNERSHIP. (8) The power of His PROVISION. (9) The power over the devils. (10) The power for success.
(Daniel.11:32; Luke.10:19; Isaiah.40:28-31; Eph.3:20-21; Ps.91:14-16)

- Adapted from different sources