Father’s Love

A father and son were traveling down a country road on springtime when suddenly a bee flew in through the window. As the bee buzzed around inside the car the boy began to panic as he was scared and allergic to bee stings. Seeing the horror on his child’s face, the father covered the son with his jacket and caught the bee in his hand. Within seconds the bee slipped out of his hand and started buzzing again. The son was still terrified of the bee. The father comforted his son saying, “Son, do you know that honeybees can sting only once.” He showed him the bee sting in his palm and said, “Relax, don’t be afraid son. I took the sting; the bee can’t hurt you anymore.”

The empty tomb is God’s way of saying to us; “Relax, my child, I took the sting, death can’t hurt you anymore.” Jesus took the sting of death and sin.

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